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Thread: 2000 v6 to 2005 5.3ls swap

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    2000 v6 to 2005 5.3ls swap

    Hello all! Looking for advice on what direction im heading in. I have a 2000 Silverado w/ a 4.3 and a 2005 Silverado donor with the 5.3. If I understand correctly, computer on v6 can be flashed and reused on the 5.3. I will need a harness from like year v8. Motor mounts, radiator,heater, ac hoses? Fuel lines?Is there other things that need modifying? 4l60 trans. Dbc. This is a bit of a nightmare. Im new at everything and trying to learn. Ill apologize in advance.

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    yeah, just search around for "NBS 4.3 swap". there's a couple huge, super-detailed threads on here & performancetrucks that spell out all you need to know, even down to part numbers. welcome & good luck!

    spoiler alert - your 2000 harness won't work with an 03+ setup. alternator & PS pump can swap over (radiator, too, if you keep a clutch fan). fuel lines get cut & adapted. ac needs a couple lines & will depend on which specific compressor you get. exhaust & trans bolt right up.
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