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Thread: 4.8 to 6.0/ torque convertor

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    4.8 to 6.0/ torque convertor

    I have a 1999 silverado extended cab short bed 4x4. It had the 4.8 originally. I have installed a 6.0 LQ4 from a 2004 yukon. I did NOT do this for racing purposes or anything like that, One of the heads on the 4.8 cracked so i swapped in the 6.0 to have a little more power for pulling my boat. Had nelson performance tune it for the 6.0. It does fine and all but i noticed It has to rev slightly higher to get the power to the ground than i like. I got to thinking about the torque convertor..I still have the 4.8 torque convertor which stalls 200-400 rpm higher than the one that was in the yukon with the 6.0..Keep in mind that a torque convertor also will stall even higher when more torque is put to it..SO, wonder if i swapped the torque convertor out to the correct 6.0 convertor if it would act better?? Just seems like i have to give it more throttle than i should because of TC stall. And no, the trans is NOT slipping at all.

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    After i did that swap the trans didn't last very long. I burnt the band at least 4 times before i swapped in the 4l80e and when it goes all your left with is 1st gear. The torque converter never gave me a lick of problems its all in the trans. Replace the 2nd and 4th gear servo with the corvette kit that will help with the towing lockup even the stock one is better then whats in our trucks. There is also a fix in the a problem in there that bleeds off pressure to the torque converter in the valve body so you will never fill a slip but it wont fully lock the converter. Also have Nelson send you a tune with the trans to 100% firmness. and remove the adaptive learning they usually do a re tune for no charge as long as you pay the shipping those guys are awesome. You are going to go through those 4l60e.when it burns up make sure you get a 4l65e it has stronger parts in it 5 pinion planetariums stronger drum things like that. Raptor transmission sells all the parts to beef that thing up. The first time I put in all the performance parts i snapped the output shaft at the drum. made for a really long day. good luck with your truck bro.
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