i know there ain't hardly nobody left who likes rowing their own gears nowadays... much less folks who also hop up the engines, too, but hopefully one of y'all few awesome folks see this and can provide some words of experience!

i've got a RCSB 4x4 with a bolt-on 5.3 that's due for a clutch. i'm running 33"s with 4.30 gears and plan on throwing in a XR269 cam after this deployment. i occasionally pull a 6000lb trailer, but it's mostly just a DD. i don't race it anymore (got a car for that now), but i'd still like a clutch that's stronger than a basic Autozone or LuK level deal. the only ones i've really found are the Spec 2+ and Centerforce dual friction... but i can't find much good info on them other than a lot of folks say the Specs usually chatter something awful.

the local manual trans shop swears by the LuK stuff, but that's a stock equivalent for a basic 4.8. what do y'all think?