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Thread: Truck is Done and I got a New Ride

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    Truck is Done and I got a New Ride

    Well the truck is about done, I got the new Chevy performance transmission in which was a bit of a nightmare due to lack of information about the product. Had to convert my internal MLPS system over to the external type and rewire some things. The truck is pretty much going to be neglected at this point due to my new acquisition that will be getting a Boosted LS engine (most likely 4.8 because thatís how I roll). Car is from Cali and rust free which is rare here in Ohio.

    Z by Badger009er, on Flickr
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    with those long hoods, you could fit 2 4.8's

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    Wow a Z car with an LS motor would be a ton of fun. You could turbo it cheap and rev it to the moon. Would make for a badazz little track toy. It's been done many times before too so it should be reasonable to find swap parts and how to's. A my buddies father had one that was so light and nimble around corners.
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