Hey guys been looking around on here for awhile, what an awesome site! I live in Iowa have an ag and auto repair business with my brother i do most of the auto stuff and do automatic transmissions also. Ive got a 94 GMC RCSB im getting ready to do a 5.3 and built 4L60E in for street/strip and DD purposes also have an 04 2500HD CCSB 6.0 4.10s 4x4 thats my tow rig. I am putting together a 6.0/4L60E in an 86 Elcamino for my wifes hotrod getting ready to dig into it have harness and ecm ready will be building trans soon. I know I will have some questions about both swaps hopefully you guys can help me Im new to the forum thing and not always sure where to post stuff so im sorry if i post something in the wrong area.