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Thread: transmission install write up

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    Quote Originally Posted by GasGuzzler View Post
    They stopped putting glue in them in 04 or 05. Here's another tip, after heating them to get them apart, use some choke cleaner on the plugs to clean off the glue. You won't have to heat them the next time.
    That is what I did. I didn't know anyone else uses that method LOL!
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    Ok i just have one question. I thought the stall was really hard to pull on and off? This is the reason why i dont want to try to install my own stall. Does it just slip on/off easly or atleast able to pull it off with your own arm strenght? If it does then i might actually have a stall before SAR!

    Would you have any tips on a stall install/removal?

    Thanks, Brandon
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    That's a confusing post. Refer to the part as a converter or a TC or something so we know more about what you mean. Even a smaller diameter (higher stall speed usually) is still weighty. There are about 3-4 "clunks" it has to make going on the be installed all the way. Don't get it on the trans all the way and you'll shatter the pump when you tighten the bell housing bolts (ahem....ask a couple users here). Always make sure the bell is all the way against the engine AND the TC is free to rotate before installing the bell housing bolts or TC to flexplate bolts.

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    ^^^Like he said, to change out the TC, you need to unbolt the bell housing, pull it all the way off to get good access to it, and always make sure its completely seated correctly
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    that truck looks familiar where have i seen it lol. nice writeup man, you missed out on all the fun with my motor swap
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