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    Denton Texas


    I'm just starting this so give me a little while to compile some photos. I don't take many.

    My signature information below since I can now delete my sig in my online profile and post a hyperlink to this "My Garage" post...

    This is where the madness began, or should a say ended when it was stolen and I had to start all over again...

    I bought this new in Oct of 1992, went 2/4 down, went 10" up (never will do that again) and came back down to a 4/6. In the time from when I bought it to when it was stolen I had put over 300k miles on the truck. It started new with a v6 and 5 speed, got a 93 LT1 transplant that killed two more 5 speeds and then finally an LS1 and 4L60e. The early Escalade front end was thanks to a Lincoln Mark8 that got t-boned when he pulled out in front of me from a liquor store.

    My last ride...

    1993 C1500 Ext cab
    2/4 Beltech lowering
    steel rollpan from StylinTrucks.com
    billet grille from SummitRacing.com
    Crystal clear chinese headlights, turn signal and corner marker lights from Ebay
    Inexpensive paint refinish job via Maaco
    HI-4 headlight conversion

    V8 to 98 T/A LS1 conversion and then replaced the 5.7L with an TRTTURBO/HKE forged 408 stroker
    2002 Fbody wiring harness
    Patriot StageII heads
    Scorpion aluminum 1.7:1 ratio rockers (thanks Bulldog5.3)
    Comp Cams XE-R XER287HR
    Longtube headers custom built from Hooker BBC headers and GMPerformanceParts flanges

    2002 4L80E
    3500 RPM 9.5" Vig 3 disc converter
    Transgo 4L80e-HD2 shift kit
    Transgo 48MOD vacuum controlled pressure modulater
    PML cast aluminum trans pan
    Tru-cool 40,000 gvw transmission cooler
    NelsonPerformance.com 60e to 80e transmission harness adapter

    Rear End
    14bolt rear end
    3.42 gears
    Eaton LSD (broken and now has welded spider gears for a full spool effect)

    34" radiator
    '05 Silverado electric fans
    Street and Performance high right side a/c mount with Sanden compressor

    Longtube headers built from Hooker BBC headers and GMPerformanceParts flanges
    Magnaflow 3" cats
    Magnaflow muffler with 2 3" inlets and 2 3" outlets
    3" true duals all the way out the back

    custom CAI under core support
    K&N air filter

    Walbro 255LPH in-tank fuel pump
    Corvette internally regulated fuel filter
    RACETRONIX fuel pump hotwire kit
    42 lb @ 43 PSI Lucas/Delphi fuel injectors
    LS2 Intake
    90mm NickWilliams TB
    Edelbrock billet fuel rails (Thanks Mean05)
    -8 fuel line from filter to rails

    Fun stuff:
    Nitrous Outlet plate nitrous system with -6 supply line good for up to 400 additional RWHP
    Standalone fuel cell for the nitrous solenoid
    Progressive Nitrous controller

    NELSON PERFORMANCE speed density tune in a 411 PCM with a 2002 Camaro base tune shifting the 4L80e with a custom transmission overlay in the PCM

    New wheels, waiting for the correct center caps to come in.

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    First off, Thanks Virgil for the deal on the retired performance parts!

    Here's my latest upgrade, Edelbrock fuel rails and -8 (1/2") fuel lines.

    I bought a 3/8 compression to -6 AN female adapter to mate to the fuel fitting coming out of my Corvette internally regulated fuel filter...
    -6 AN male to -8 AN male adapter...
    -8 AN female to -8 AN hose fitting...
    6' of -8 AN braided stainless hose...
    three 3/8 NPT x -8 AN male fittings going into the ends of the fuel rails...
    three -8 AN female x 90 degree x -8 AN full swivel hose ends...
    one 3/8 NPT male x 1/8 NPT female adapter...

    With these parts I was able to put together a pretty clean billet fuel rail system for not a whole lot of cash. The whole secret to it is that this is a returnless system and did not require a fuel pressure regulator and additional hose and fittings for a return line. Thanks to used parts and SummitRacing.com I have a total of under $140 invested in the conversion.

    I did have to build my own brackets and drill new holes in the fuel rails to bolt the rails to the LS2 intake. I think it came out pretty clean.

    FWIW, this is on an LS2 intake from a GTO and I am using 42 lb @ 43 PSI Delphi/Lucas injectors that are Fbody/Ford style and length.

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    2007 Gmt900 Rcsb

    Here we go again...

    Base model work truck with a 4.8L and 60e, no bells, no whistles... As delivered

    Got it home, removed the color on the grille...

    After lowering the rear with 2" shackles and removing the lift block...
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    Here's a small update...

    4.8L engine/ 4L60e trans was tuned by NelsonPerformance.com Can you say POWA?

    Added a Detroit Truetrac to replace the stock weird feeling G80 carrier. Originally, I put a set of 4.10s I had laying around but they were noisy. I checked the pattern and the drive side was perfect but the coast side was all over the place, everywhere but the middle of the tooth. The gears were in a rear end of my 93 when the Auburn broke. I guess it ruined my AAM gears. Oh well, 3.23 gears are back in place.

    The GMC rim and tire on my truck weighed in at 63 lbs, FWIW.

    The cheap drop-in RuggedLiner the dealer installed to hide the scraped up bed was pulled and one of Alton's buds sprayed a new Dupont Urethane bedliner in the truck and along the edges of the rail where the drop-in liner had scuffed up the paint. The new Dupont liner has UV protectant in it to prevent it from turning grey like most sprayed in liners you see. BTW, the drop-in liner is now riding on top of the sprayed in liner for twice the protection. I know, it's overkill but I didn't want to just throw the old one away.

    Removed the BowTie off the tailgate using fishing line and then a 3M eraser wheel.

    The truck did not come with the Driver Information Control (DIC) control panel so I ordered one and installed it in about 15 minutes. I now have access to all information available to the luxury truck drivers, except outside air temp. You can get it cheaper but you'll be looking quite some time to save just a few dollars... GM Parts Direct: Your direct source for Genuine GM Parts
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    Starting to rebuild the POS HKE 408 out of the 93. Shortblock reconditioned by WATT's SHOP in Lavon, TX. Crank polished, block linebored an additional .002" larger since it was too tight to start with, piston cylinders honed and radiused at bottoms, lifter bores checked, factory stock cam bearings removed and metal shavings left by GM and HKE machining process removed, new cam bearings deburred and radiused and then installed, small ends of rods narrowed/clearance .040" due to rod float causing rub marks on piston pin bosses and then balanced the rotating assembly. Piston rings replaced because old rings were twisted from spiralling them onto the pistons instead of using spreader pliers.

    KING Aluminum racing main bearings, MB5013HP 020, +.020 oversize.
    Clevite rod bearings, CB-663 HN10, +.010 oversize.
    Rollmaster single row timing set CS1190, allows use of 3 bolt cam in Gen4 engines.
    SpeedPro Hellfire file fit piston rings, R-19100 35.
    Cam bearings, deburred, radiused and installed.
    4" Eagle 4340 crank, polished.
    6.125" Eagle rods, resized and narrowed on small ends.
    4.030" Wiseco Pistons -8cc K394A3
    52X reluctor.
    New Spiral locks for the piston pins.
    GM head gaskets 12589227
    ARP main studs 234-5608

    A few extra tools added to the garage from SummitRacing to complete the build, don't forget that they do price matching plus they beat the other advertised price...

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    408 Gen3 converted to 58X reluctor, 4 pulse per revoluton cam sensor and installed http://www.ls1truck.com/forums/mecha...n4-update.html
    4L80E is installed http://www.ls1truck.com/forums/mecha...on-gmt900.html
    Added a ported and polished throttle body from Mark Shaner at L92 / LS3 ported heads and throttle bodys
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    Changed directions, again. Added an STS kit with 6776e turbocharger and air to air intercooler. http://www.ls1truck.com/forums/power...tml#post371516
    See my truck data in the "My Garage" section here... http://www.ls1truck.com/forums/my-ga...tml#post191709

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    New addition to the 408 for the turbo, Wiseco -15cc pistons to bring down the compression and get the 408 back in the truck. These ought to help a lot. Next, I have to decide which heads I want to run, stock LQ4 with dual Patriot Platinum Extreme springs or the larger valved Patriot ported heads but with 64cc domes which will raise compression.

    Patriot Performance Heads
    2.08 intakes / 1.60 exhaust
    air flow numbers...
    lift intake exhuast
    .10 78.9 63.2
    .20 150.5 123.5
    .30 212.9 165.9
    .40 261.0 195.1
    .50 296.3 216.2
    .55 307.4 220.0
    .60 311.3 222.2
    Dual springs w/titanium retainers good to .650 lift

    Wiseco Pistons - Chevy
    Included: Pistons, Rings, Pins & Spirolox, Skirt Coatings

    NOTES - Please Read:
    - LS-1 block has 9.240 deck, 6.0 truck block has 9.230, LSX block is
    approximately 9.255. Pick rod length accordingly
    - 4.070 bores or smaller take all but LS7 valve sizes.
    - All bores 4.100 take any valve size including LS7
    As the leader in LS-1 forged pistons, Wiseco pulled out all the stops when designing this series. They are designed to accommodate the reluctor ring on stroker cranks without having to notch the pin bosses. Offset pins like o.e. and skirt shapes specifically designed for street applications make these the best available. They have been tested successfully in the highest horsepower applications.

    All Pistons Feature:

    • NEW Coated skirts for LS Series Pistons. Much higher adherence factor then other moly coatings.
    • 2618 Alloy: Will not shatter like hypereutectic, or cast pistons.
    • Strutted skirt design is the strongest and specially designed to run at as little as .004" clearance, with excellent skirt wear and minimal noise or rock.
    • Radius valve pockets for detonation resistance and increased flow around valves.
    • Anti Detonation Grooves with the added benefit of keeping the top ring groove free of carbon
    • 3mm oil rings for better oil control and reduced friction for more horsepower
    • Pressure groove for enhanced ring seal
    • Features Chrome Moly pins and spiralox, tool steel pins optional
    • Race Ready domes don't require deburring by the engine builder
    • Multi-fit valve pckets for interchangeability of cylinder heads

    445X3 pistons

    4.030" bore
    suggested clearance .0035", measured 1.300" from bottom of oil groove

    4.000" stroke
    6.125" rod
    1.110" compression height
    -15cc dish
    450gm average weight
    65cc 10.2cr
    67cc 10.0cr
    68cc 9.9cr
    70cc 9.7cr
    ring set 4032GFX

    piston pin S643 .927 x 2.250
    Retainer clip CS24
    piston rings..
    oil ring support GLS25
    top ring groove width .0490
    2nd ring groove width .0490
    ring groove width .1498
    left side piston...6445LX3
    right side piston...6445RX3
    file fit piston ring set....
    oil ring end gap .010"

    top ring steel nitrided, positive twist
    2nd ring ductile iron Napier style

    minimum gap per inch of bore=========== top ring===== 2nd ring
    high perf street/strip================== .0045 ======.0050
    street moderate turbo/nitrous=========== .0050 =======.0055
    late model stock===================== .0050 =======.0053
    circle track/drag race================= .0055========.0057
    nitrous race only===================== .0070=======.0073
    blown race only====================== .0060=======.0063

    2nd ring gap should be larger than the top ring to reduce ring flutter.... Jon was right.
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    Cant wait to hear about how she runs when you get this beast back together. Good stuff Greg....

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    '02 Silvy: Z71 EC Step Side 5.3L Nelson tuned
    2013 GMC Acadia: SLT1 Carbon Black
    1976 Corvette Stingray: Trying to save it, progress is slow.

    ^Ricky's Sweet PS Skilz
    09/21/2010 02:31 <danger_ranger83> I'm not really worried about the looks...I want it to be fast and ugly...bc no one wants to get outrun by something ugly

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