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Thread: headlights!!!!!

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    I did this to my truck tonight for the fogs to come on when lows are on. Works perfectly! Only cost $.99 for a pair of diodes, and maybe $2 for some heatshrink. Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

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    a Gm engineer must have designed the 99-02's to be this easy to convert
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    so to have the fogs on when low's are on id just have to ground it? that doesnt make much sense since you cut them on with the button on the dash... so would you have to run a power wire from the low to the fog? may sound dumb but im slightly confused lol i would go outside and tinker with it but its pooring currently....
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    this is also another option, it keeps your lows on with highs and is a 5 second install, really single. i don't know about if it keeps the fogs on tho.

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    What do you mean when you say you want your fogs to come on with your lows? I had my fogs installed at the dealer with dealer parts and they already do that. Am I missing something?

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