I'm doing a write up on the Holley LS A/C bracket because there was little to no information about someone using truck accessories with their install.

I have done 3 swaps for guys with A/C utilizing the LsBrackets.com R4 bracket which is fine and dandy, but 2 of them came back complaining about vibrations when the A/C kicked on. They eventually settled with it for the time being, but when it came time to my truck I decided that I would give the Holley product a try. Some of the selling points of the bracket for me was; the fact that it looks OE, highly engineered, and more compact than the LsBrackets counterpart.

This thing really looks great out of the box and really doesn't need to be painted, but I had to match the rest of my accesssory drive. It wouldn't look out of place even on a factory vehicle. The Holley A/C Bracket mounts exactly where my old one was originally on my V6 motor. Which meant during this whole ordeal I kept my A/C system sealed up, a big plus in my book! Sorry for the lack of install pics, but the instructions have good pics attached.

The install went in great without a hiccup....if you use the correct parts....My first issue came up when I didn't use the right tensioner. The part number calls for a Gates unit when I had accident picked up a Dayco "no slack" one instead. Turns out that the Dayco unit, is a bit deeper than the Gates one. Once I had figured that out, it was time to figure out the belt length. Which turned out to be a lot harder than expected. First off I was reading the tick marks on the tensioner wrong, then I had to figure out to change the idler pulley next to the alternator on the truck accessory drive to a 76mm one. The reason behind it is just DO IT!!!!Trust me....

Here's the breakdown list of what you'll need if you run the Holley R4 A/C bracket on an LS motor with truck accessories and what to put where.
Holley R4 Bracket - 20-133
" Truck/Camaro '10-up Adaptor - 21-3
Tensioner for 97-04 Corvette(Gates) - 38194
2 76mm pulleys - 38006
93 5/8" 6 Rib Belt - K060930
2 washers around 1/8" thick

The instructions are laid out pretty decently, but here's a quick rundown of whucha gotta do;
1 Swap the pulley on the tensioner for one of the 76mm ones, and put the ribbed plastic one on the Holley bracket itself
2 Swap the original idler next to the alternator, for a 76mm one as well
3 Install 21-3 spacer/adaptor and bracket
4 Install tensioner with the 1/8" washers behind it
5 Install Belt
6 Stay cool

This is what it took for my set-up, the only thing that could maybe be different is the belt size. That's what worked for me, if it doesn't on yours it should at least put you in the ballpark. Any questions just PM me.

-The belt is going to be VERY diffucult and almost seem impossible to put on, but trust me, it's the only one that works. TIP- Slide the belt over water pump at the end to install it.
-Also, the reason you put the washers behid the tensioner is to prevent the belt from wakling off the front of the tensioner pulley. I noticed when I was standing to the side of the motor that the belt was walking dangerously close to the edge of the pulley when revved up, eventually popping off at one time.