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Thread: first time useing 4wd

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    We need an :smh: smiley, but does do a good job.
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    4wd Is great when you need it but doesnt do a thing for stopping. Just somethin to keep in mind.
    and I call myself a mechanic...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frenchy View Post
    So sitting and power braking on ice is better? Only in the fact that he won't kill somebody. Read his other posts, you'll see my point of view. His truck almost burnt down because he was too lazy to put a battery hold down back on. But going by his screen name he was born in '91 (just a guess) but that just helps my theory that commen sense stopped being given out in '89.
    I'll argue that common sense died when eve ate the fruit . I guess common sense was given out separately from spelling
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    Damn, in any case I was late on both.....

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    man up here in washington i have enough idiots that don't know how to drive in the snow and freak out when they see one flake fall from the sky. hell half the time they can't even make it up my hill past my house, which the hill isn't that steep. i used to be dumb when i was a teen, but at least if i did donuts or flooring it in the ice and snow i did it in large abandoned parking lots in colorado springs so if something happend it was me that had to deal with getting my butt chewed, not explaining to someone's mom, dad, wife ect why i was being dumb and why i harmed/killed their loved one. common sense ain't so common anymore.

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