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Thread: Official NBS 4.3v6 to GEN 3 V8 swap Guide

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    I believe if you swap columns there would be no problem. It may be as easy as switching the ignition lock cylinder.

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    It's kind of the lines I was thinking, might just be easier to have vats tuned out since I have 2 of everything...
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    Ok 03 3/4 ton lq4 dbw in my 03 that had a 4.3 4l60e how can i make this 4l80e harness work with my 60 tia i did search

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    VATS will get you no start! The 99 4.8 PCM still thinks it's in the same vehicle but with some random voltage from the key trying to make it pass. Even with relearn a million times over done perfectly, you'll get a start then die result. Simply send pcm out to a tune shop and have VATS REMOVED. It should start right up. Make sure you have a stand alone/custom alarm though.

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    Reference for me. But helpful for everyone else. Same author, same thread. Different questions.
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    My silverado had only one fuel line going to motor. I think I might have to find a return line from a v8 setup

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katana View Post
    My silverado had only one fuel line going to motor. I think I might have to find a return line from a v8 setup
    If your truck doesn't have a return line, all you need to do is swap your fuel rail setup to a returnless. My motor came with a return style fuel rail, all I had to do was buy some returnless fuel rails off ebay and swap them out. Youll either have 2 hard lines coming from your tank or 3. If you have 2 your truck is returnless (feed, EVAP) and you need a returnless fuel rail from a v8 truck, or youll have 3 lines coming from the tank which means you have a return style. (feed, return, Evap)
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    If your truck has a return setup and the motor is returnless you can also run a filter/regulator from the C5 corvettes. I used a WIX 33737 it's $40 from Summit and has an internal regulator thats set at 58#.
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    I just completed the swap in my 2002 swb GMC Sierra, 4.3 to 5.3, started first try after priming with no plug wires on, runs smoothly, no codes, cruise works, only problem is the torque converter isn't locking up, no overdrive... Did I miss something? I've read every post...

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    Hey I have some questions I'm in the middle of a swap I got my 4.3 out an the 5.3 getting a few touch ups my truck is a 2001 Silverado 4.3 I'm going to 06 5.3 an I have the harness an throttle peddle for the 06, I have ordered all the fittings for the fuel lines in there any thing electrical I need to swap in the fuse box an, do I need to swap any thing for my cruise control ? Thanks for the input

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