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Thread: Return, returnless... Fuel line woes

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    Return, returnless... Fuel line woes

    03 truck single cab, I'm swapping from a 4.3 to an 05 v8 with returnless rails.
    I know I have two options here.
    Run the corvette filter and AN hose up to the rail.
    Swap over to the return rails and splice into existing lines.
    I planned on using the returnless rail and have the filter and fittings but once I got under he truck to check it out I noticed the filter location is crammed in between the abs pump and where the frame boxes in. I had planned on cutting he lines and adapting them there but due to the tight space and bends it looks like I will end up having to cut out more of the original fuel line than I would like to and still have a tightly crammed filter area. The truck is bagged laying frame so the area isn't highly accessible for future filter changes either.
    While swapping to return rails seems the more obvious option at this time a thought popped into my head. I already have all the parts for the corvette filter swap... And instead of cutting a bunch of lines and adapting from hard lines to AN to hoses back to adapters for the filter etc I thought why not run the filter straight on the rail. The outlet on the filter to rail is the same connection and it snaps right on. Then I only need to run a short distance from the feed line to the filter and the return back to the return hard line. Basically running the lines as I would for a return style except they will go to the filter.
    I have never seen it done this way and maybe for good reason. The only drawback I can see would be the heat from the engine with the filter that close maybe being an issue.
    Thoughts? Let's discuss pros and cons.
    I'll try to upload a pic here in a sec.. on my mobile and it doesn't want to let me attach one.

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    Here is what I had in mind.
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    I was thinking to do the exact same thing and I think it should work just fine have you try it yet?
    And by any chance do you where I can find some info about the harness on 99 to 02 I have a 5.3 out of a 04 sierra and I dont know if I have to move the pins of location or the 99-02 harness it will be plug and play

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    I actually stopped being lazy and cut the lines down below. I was bearly able to cram the fuel filter with all he AN fuel fittings in the stock filter location but it fit snug. I then ran the single 6AN line up to the fuel rail.
    And not quite sure about the harness issue bit I do know the 99-02 run a different than the 03+
    I would get both wiring schematics and try to figure out

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