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    Ok so here is a random question. Not sure if anybody would even know about this but I figured if anyone, Allen would have some kind of input on the subject.

    Im in the market for a boat. most of what im looking at are mercruisers but i came accross a jet drive today that has a vortec 8100 in it. in doing research, jet drive boats more commonly come with "vehicle" engines as the load isnt so bad or something along those lines. anyway, I have already set my mind on EFI as im unfortuneatly not the best when it comes to carbs but in doing this swap on my truck, have gotten quite familiar with EFI (not tuning though). more along the lines of diagnostics. and in a boat, we all know that they break down so diagnostics is key.

    Now I have some OBD-2 software to get live readings and whatnot on my truck. So I thought great, I already have software for an LS motor, im golden. come to find out, the marine industry has their own "standards" which are not yet REALLY "standardized". and it seems as though they use their own "marine PCM" and OBD connector for boat engines...

    My question is, does anybody know anything about the differences or if there is any or basically ANY INFO ON MARINE EFI???? MAINLY THE LS 8.1??

    Say i get this boat, is it the essentially the same PCM I have in my truck or is it completely different? if different, are the red/blue red/green connectors the same as in i can use my truck pcm in place (obviously a flash would be required)? if the OBD connector is different can i repin to a vehicle OBD connector so i can hook up my laptop with the software i have for diagnostics or will i be forced to shell out cash for a dealer to do it or 500 bucks for "marine" software and OBD connector???

    basically im just asking if anybody knows if these systems are the same, similar, or a completely different animal... and if its possible to integrate with the software that i already have.... TRYING TO SAVE A FEW HUNSKIES GUYS!! HAHA
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    I've tuned quite a few pcm's for boats.
    I'm not sure if they converted the harness and pcm or it was a new installation.
    So, that tells me you can use a 411 pcm or similar to run the engine.
    The harness may be lacking a few sensors not needed on the boat, but no biggy.
    I've started up 8.1's and LS engines on a stand before regardless of what they've came from, so I say yes, why not; I'd run it!

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