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Thread: New PB with the project truck

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    New PB with the project truck

    I dont post a lot over here, but I do read a lot. I had a great night on thursday at the the track and wanted to share over here to. I recently upgraded my compressor wheel from a 76mm to an 80mm and my intercooler from an ebay 30x3.5" to a CXRacing 36"x4". On the dyno I was seeing a ton of pressure loss from the intercooler (compressor housing was 25psi, manifold was 16psi) and a lot of temperature rise, hence the switch.

    Had to try out my new intercooler and turbo so I went to the track...it was warmer today than it has been, in the mid 90s so I had to wait until the sun went down before I got my best run:

    60ft - 1.467
    594ft - 6.079
    1/8et - 6.517
    1/8mph - 102.73

    My goal for the night was to try for a 6.33 since that equates to a high 9 in the 1/4, but it wasnt meant to be. I measured my 0-60 on my log as 2.43 seconds, which I dont think is too shabby...It looks like upgrading the intercooler, some more timing, and a bigger compressor wheel (76 vs 80) gave me 0.3 1/8et and about 3mph.

    The intercooler did well. I took off the front grille so it could get some better airflow and when I launched at 12psi IATs were 97 and at the end of the run when the boost hit 20psi IATs were 133. I had meth spraying the whole time, but not enough actually. I havent had the chance to test pressure drop across the intercooler but I suspect its much better. Boost was 17ish most of the run with it going to 20psi at the 2-3 shift. Timing was 14-15ish most of the run, until it shifted to 3rd and saw some knock so it pulled it down to about 7degrees. This probably cost me 1mph or so on the big end.

    Most importantly, my injectors are maxed out. The tank is about 25% e85, and my IDC was 100% at 5600rpm and 16psi, hitting a max of 113% at 6100rpm and 18psi. I was spraying meth, but not enough apparently because it was 4-5% lean most of run (0.80 lambda, 0.76 lambda desired), which explains the knock when it shifted to 3rd and boost hit 20psi. I am pretty sure its the injectors and not the pumps (80lb at 3bar injectors, 96lb@4bar, and dual denso 1020 pumps). Either way, the system is maxed at about 15psi with the 80mm wheel. If I were to run 100% gasoline and spray more meth it would probably be alright for 18psi ish.

    I have the knock sensors at the stock settings and dont plan on touching them. I drove the truck 30 minutes home without any issues and everything is fine. I did scare myself pretty good though since my first run I had my boost controller set incorrectly and saw 20psi most of the run with no meth, and a really lean VE table for that area making it about 20% lean, but timing was pulled aggressively and all was well.

    This is on a basically 100% stock suspension expect for 2" drop shackles in the rear. I got my new shock brackets today in the mail to redo the rear shocks, and stuff to strap the front end down should be here sometime. I did manage to spin all 4 drag radials at the start though, but it didnt seem to hurt my times.

    I did take out my tools and my tailgate which together are about 115lbs, so the truck should weigh right around 5000 with me in it. So based on the speed im putting between 800-850 to the ground, which was my goal for the truck in the first place. I had a lot of people come up to me at the track that were really impressed and that was flattering of course. I feel with this combo with slightly bigger injectors (120s perhaps) and a better intake I could hit 9s pretty easily, but thats more than I want to do right now, its just working too well to start making major changes. Now I just need to get that ladder rack on...

    I only have a video from my gopro as no one else wanted to come out tonight (im looking at you, Blake and Mitch...)

    white turbo silverado at holiday raceway - YouTube

    Heres a vid from earlier in the day with a 9psi shakedown run


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    Very nice! Congrats!

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    congrats Richard, im really impressed you didnt die over from the mishaps you endured in the past year, you finally accomplished your feat in what you were after!! i think youre on the right track by working the suspension, being stock youre loosing alot there, youre engine is fine everything is clicking now its time to plant the power, a 1.4x isnt bad but your suspension will drop the times and you'll achieve another goal
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    Good job, I wondered what happened to you, it's good you are still at it.
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