Hi - I am building a 6.0L LQ4 to put in my 05 suburban (currently a 5.3) I am shooting for 450+ HP NA. I am a diesel mechanic but this is my first dive into LS territory. I have you tubed and read a few hunded forums but this is what I have so far and any points to steer me from a major mistake would be greatly appreciated.

- I have the block stripped and cleaned
- The heads are a 873 casting and I plan to just port and polish them
- I am going with 1 3/4 pacesetter long tube headers
- Summit racing stage 3 cam 274/283 .545 lift
- I found a complete TBSS intake with TB and injectors
and of course tune

Will I hit my HP goal or is there something else I should be looking at? IE flat top pistons, different heads or milling the heads down for compression.

Thanks in advance.