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Thread: Moving springs to inside of frame for wheels.

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    Moving springs to inside of frame for wheels.

    I am dropping a 99 2wd 2dr tahoe or atleast thats what i have the lowering kit for. I have been back and forth about bagging it and running a 4 link. I think i am going to just static drop the truck for a nice daily driver. The drop is a 4-6 and i plan on running a 15 or a 16" wheel and would like a wider tire in the rear a 10 at most and run a 6-7 in front.

    This is the reason i ask about moving the springs is so i can run a wider wheel.

    I know the next thing int the way would be the frame and i would rather not move it in but i can. I have seen 10" wheels on the back of the truck so the tahoe should be close. It is like finding a needle in a hay stack getting info on guys running wide wheels with stock frames on these.

    Thanks for the help guys and gals.

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    I should also note that the springs and hangers are already off since the prior owner cut them off along with all the brackets on rearend.

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