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Thread: Terminator and GT

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    Terminator and GT

    As the title says, Ha ha put like 4 cars off the line and kept pulling away on the gt. Gt supposeldly has gears and tune, terminator has pulley and tune stupid punk wanted to go when he was ready and would not let me get even to start wanted me half a car back to start the race. Anyways got beside him later down the road he down shifted to second and before he let out of the clutch i was on the gas and let him have some of his own BS punk was all excuses after that my buddy said "O im sorry your pos just got smoked by a 4500lb truck with a wheelchair in the bed, go back to the ricers you used to race pansy!!" My buddy has CP and will eat you alive on some smart alek BS if you give him a chance
    all in all it was a good night.
    Maybe STOCK
    "My lugnuts require more torque than your ricer is ever going to produce"
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    good kills man

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