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Thread: OBS to LSx conversion

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    HELP!!! went to stab the ls2 from my tbss only to figure out the oil pan is front sump. look at the pan on the old 5.7 looks to be a rear sump. Question is, does anybody have a part number for a pan and pickup that will fit my 99 2dr Tahoe????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disney View Post
    I'm swapping a 94 C1500 right now and was wondering if everyone was removing all of the stock engine harness or not. If not, did you just cut it back to the firewall connector? I'm trying to minimize the stray wires underhood if I can. I've cut the LS harness back to a stand alone, so I assume I can just tie into the stock FP relay and i'd like to tie into the stock check engine light too if I can. Keeping the stock AC plug, water temp, oil pressure, and alternator (If I need to to keep charge light off).

    Tips? Tricks? Thanks!
    Yeah, there were a few wires I kept from the old engine harness. You need a set of wiring diagrams from your 94. There's a lot of work figuring out what you want/need to keep. Then you painstakingly start cutting away the wires that won't be used. KEEP A WRITTEN RECORD OF WHAT YOU DO!!!! You won't remember in two years what you did, and at some point you'll need to know. Remember, even if there's something you don't need, you may want to use the circuit for something else. Nice wires with factory firewall connector/pass through is nice to have. For instance, I used the original fuel injection circuit to power my new harness. Just the right current rating for what I needed. Don't cut any wires till you KNOW you won't want to use them. Once I cut away all of the old, I then wrapped what was left in Nylon corrugated wire loom to keep it factory looking. (Don't use Polyethylene loom, it melts.)
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