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Thread: Hello from LA. (Lower Alabama)

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    Hello from LA. (Lower Alabama)

    My name is Brad. I live in South Alabama. 55 and working on retirement number 2.

    I am building a 1987 Chevy V-10 Custom Deluxe short bed 4x4. Roll up windows and manual door locks and a SM-465 manual transmission. Its down to the frame and its been cleaned and painted with Tamco. The donor engine came out of a 2003 GMC Yukon. Its an L59 5.3 flex/fuel. The engine is currently on the stand and the 862 heads are at the shop getting cleaned up and new springs and guide seals installed.

    The block and rotating assembly are on the stand waiting for the new goodies. Here is what I have already purchased.
    Texas Speed Stage 4 Truck Cam 223/226 .600"/.600" 111LAS
    TSP 7.400 push rods
    TSP .660" Dual Spring Kit
    ATK LS7 Lifters
    Michigan Motor Sports rockers with trunnion upgrade
    Summit (Melling) oil pump, Summit timing set, Fel-Pro gasket set. Every thing on the accessory drive will be new.

    The truck. 8 inch BDS lift. 38's with 5.13 gears. rear end came from a 2005 GM Hd2500. The front is an old school Dana 44 8 lug. 16x12 Mickey Thompsons. She is going to be a fun toy.

    So I am new at this LS stuff. Please dont beat me up on questions as i have found that to be the normal on other sites. And I sure a heck don't mind buying someone a cup of coffee for some good conversation.

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    As you're diving into your Chevy project, here's a tip: embrace the learning curve! Every twist and turn in this journey is an opportunity to grow your skills and knowledge. So, don't sweat the small stuff, enjoy the process, and relish in the satisfaction of mastering something new.

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