I just did a valve seal gasket replacement on my 2008 envoy w 5.3.
Only the passenger side needed gasket replacement. (all other spark plugs were clean) So thats the only side i got in to for repair.

But, im concerned about the sequencing of re-installing the rocker arms.

Everything I found on the internet/youtube that was even of any help was based around new builds, or w the engine removed, or with upgraded parts. This is not my situation.
My engine never came out, and i didnt take anything off the driver side (valve cover, etc).
Im up against time with winter, as this is my winter vehicle, so i did my best using what i found and completed the job. (ie: TDC, valves closed when torqued, firing order, 22 ft/lbs torque).

So, again with not seeing the driver side power train, and not messing w any rods... First and foremost, I only torqued down the rocker arms when each valve (exhaust and intake seperately) looked completely closed, but also following the sequencing i believed best found of ---exhaust 2,8 -intake 4 - rotate engine 360 ---exhaust 4,6 - intake 2,6,8 and then repeated all once more.
WHAT KIND OF ACCURACY vs POSSIBLE PROBLEMS might I be facing when driving her again? SHOULD I WORRY?