Hello my name is Dana and I am new to this LS swap process. I do have a 1997 Z71 that I would like to put a LS 5.3L in. I have a complete 2003 Z71 DBW donner truck to do it with. This 2003 has a 6106 ECM in it which I see may be a P01 or a P059. would I be fine doing this swap with that ECM instead of a 0411 ECM that I see alot of people saying that the 0411 ECM is the way to go. I want to keep the DBW setup. If I use the 6106 ECM and the donner harness can it be tuned with HPtuners? I never even new it was possible to put a LS ECM into my 97 Chevy until a couple weeks ago when i was looking for performance upgrades. any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.