OK here goes.. why not replace the stock 2004 gmc5.3 pump witha E85 pump to get more flow right..afterall E 85 needs more flow for given HP!

stock fuel pump is MU1415 or equiv as verifed by dealer.. ok fine 28GPH..tested it too .spot on.
but I need something that will pump for 400-450 hp// so i figure get a E85 trunk pump that will fit.. NOPE

specs says MU-1553 IS for E85 vehicles..... nope that only pump 28 gph wtf>??
see below,,
spent hours on delphi website seraching for E85 pump that would support 400 HP.
soemthign doesnt make sense.. so if you run E85 I guess your truck detunes itself or limits RPM??

some pumps have same specs with higher current draws so somthing can't be right..

so no I don't want to put in a walboro 255 that you cant find.,.. and my system is returnless.

any freking suggestiosn to find a pump I can use>>>
i wnated to sitkc to delphi /ac delco becasue this is daily dirver that sees lots of miles


Bosch 66072
Bosch 67447
Bosch 67535
Bosch 69974
Carter P76232M
Carter P76241M
Carter P76511M
DENSO Auto Parts 953-3040
DENSO Auto Parts 953-5126
DENSO Auto Parts 953-5130
DENSO Auto Parts 9533040
Delphi FG0340
ReTech RE0881S
Spectra Premium SP3609M
ACDelco M10101ACDelco MU1156ACDelco MU1309ACDelco MU1314ACDelco MU1415ACDelco MU1417ACDelco TS1016AutoZone DFG0340CARQUEST M3480519E3609MGeneral Motors 19133449General Motors 19133450General Motors 19167467General Motors 19167468General Motors 19303385General Motors 19303391General Motors 19331937General Motors 19331960General Motors 25349027General Motors 25376408General Motors 25384360General Motors 25384361General Motors 88965371General Motors 88965386General Motors 88965391Magneti Marelli 1AMFP00033

Delphi Fuel Pump Module Assembly

ep 0378

fg0157 delphi

when you look at the cross ref the specs are all over the place..

so............... look for a camero pump>?
remeber my system is returnless