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Thread: 98 Crew Cab 7.4 4x4 to LQ4

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    98 Crew Cab 7.4 4x4 to LQ4

    After a lengthy search I have located my next project. Itís a 1998 CCLB dually 4x4. Has a 454 vortec and 4l80e transmission. I purchased it without ever hearing it run after being told it had a horrible knock. Fast forward a few hours the owner certainly wasnít kidding about the knock. That being said the last few weeks I have been debating the next step. I have been jumping between 12v, 6.0 LQ4, and rebuilding the original 454. Having done one LQ4 swap on my airboat with a Holley Terminator LS I am eager to go this route again.

    All that being said I have sourced a LQ4 with 130k miles on it I will hopefully be picking up. It is complete minus harness.

    Short term I hope to just clean it up a bit new oil pump, cam, springs etc.

    Long term I would love to have a turbo on it.

    I have done a search and see very few using Holley products perhaps just my lack of knowledge using this forum. I was thinking Terminator X Max would streamline the swap especially with my lack of tuning knowledge.

    The engine is DBC.

    Is there any major reason to steer away from the Holley besides cost? The only think I found is possibly loosing cruise control.
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