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Thread: 1996 Chevy 7.4 Vortec Exhaust Manifolds to 5.3L

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    1996 Chevy 7.4 Vortec Exhaust Manifolds to 5.3L

    Quick question for you guys, does anyone know if 1996 Chevy 7.4 Vortec exhaust manifolds will fit a 5.3L? They appear to fit a little more snug than the 5.3 truck manifolds I have, but before I waste the guys time going to see them I wanted to know if they would even fit. Thanks

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    It's really quiet around here these days. Not sure if people have moved on to different sites.

    At first glance I would say the answer to your question is that the BBS exhaust manifold will not fit on a LS engine.



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