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Thread: Duramax intercooler in a 2001 1500?

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    Duramax intercooler in a 2001 1500?

    I'm about ready to embark on another project. I'm thinking about a single turbo 5.3 in a 2001 1500 2 wheel drive...I would like to use a early Duramax intercooler on this project if at all possible.

    I've searched all afternoon and can't seem to find any definitive info on this. I guess my question is...has any one on here had any luck doing this???

    I can't be the first guy to think of this.

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    from what i've gathered, you'll need to adapt a 2500 duramax core support and add a 1.5" body lift. do a search on silverado 1500 duramax conversions for more details. with the dmax intercooler/rad setup you'll have less room for your efans/intercooler piping. check out sloppy mechanics recent turbo 2500 project to see what i mean.
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