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Thread: 5.3 injector question

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    5.3 injector question

    hey all, first post here.
    this is my first LS swap. i've got a 2003 LM7 with about 80K, i've added an LS9 cam a92mm throttle body and I was told that i'd need better injectors.
    i have no plans for a power adder or anything I just want a strong daily driver.
    so what should i be looking for in an injector? 80lb?

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    If all you did was add a cam then the stock injectors should be able to handle that no problem. Not sure who told you that bigger injectors are needed. There are calculators out there to tell you how much flow you need for your engine combo. Again, if you just added a cam and will not add FI, then you should be just fine.
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