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Thread: 2006 Bose Issues

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    2006 Bose Issues

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help on a truck I just bought. 2006 GMC with Bose. I scrolled through threads and tried the search but I didn't have any luck. The guy I bought it from had somebody TRY and install an aftermarket head unit. Dude cut into the factory harness right at the connector and well, failed.

    My issue is, he unpinned the connector to splice the wires back together and like an idiot I assumed (I know) that he did it one at time and got it back together correctly. He didn't and now my BCM is going nuts. Can somebody point me to a place to get either a wiring diagram and new pins so I can fix it, or a place to just buy a factory pigtail? My local salvage yards have let me down. My plan is to just get it wired back right and run the factory unit for now until I can pick up a good aftermarket. Don't know yet if I want to bypass the Bose or not. I'm new to the Bose game and starting late.

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