Any help is really appreciated, I have a 1995 Chevrolet z71, originally had the 5.7 tbi with the 4l60 trans. My plan is to take everything from a wrecked 5.3 truck, motor, trans, computer, harness, pretty much everything needed for the swap. I plan on using the dirty dingo engine mounts. I really just need like some insight on this swap. Like can I still keep my a/c somehow ? What’s the best way to go about fuel lines & fuel pump ? Can I use the 5.3 radiator fans ? Biggest thing really is the harness, should I just build a stand-alone one or am I able to use the complete harness and remove the entire tbi harness ? It’s gonna be my daily driver so I want to keep it as factory as possible. Thank y’all so much for any help y’all can give.