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Thread: 1995 z71 5.3 swap

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    1995 z71 5.3 swap

    Any help is really appreciated, I have a 1995 Chevrolet z71, originally had the 5.7 tbi with the 4l60 trans. My plan is to take everything from a wrecked 5.3 truck, motor, trans, computer, harness, pretty much everything needed for the swap. I plan on using the dirty dingo engine mounts. I really just need like some insight on this swap. Like can I still keep my a/c somehow ? What’s the best way to go about fuel lines & fuel pump ? Can I use the 5.3 radiator fans ? Biggest thing really is the harness, should I just build a stand-alone one or am I able to use the complete harness and remove the entire tbi harness ? It’s gonna be my daily driver so I want to keep it as factory as possible. Thank y’all so much for any help y’all can give.

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    I just got done with a swap into a 1998 RCSB. The donor vehicle was a 2005 suburban with a 5.3 dbw. I was able to keep my a/c system although I did not run it through the computer. I know there are kits for your year as well. I believe dirty dingo also has the brackets for your year truck. As far as fuel pump you will have to upgrade. I know the pumps in the Vortec trucks from 96-98 work with the ls swap. You will have to upgrade all your fuel lines. I did 6 AN Stainless ptfe hose with all AN hose fittings going to a corvette filter. I was able to use the dual fans from the 05 suburban and they fit perfect. I also reworked my own harness using the guide that was created by Brendan at LT1SWAPS.COM. However, the wiring for me proved to be more work than I expected. This was my first time working on a harness and had very limited knowledge of wiring. It is definitely doable and now that I have done the wiring I have a better understanding of how it works. I was also able to retain the cruise control on my truck. I have put just over 1k miles on my truck with no issues and love the ls swap. I am by no means an expert with swaps but hope the information helps.

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