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Thread: My 04 rcsb 4x4

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    My 04 rcsb 4x4

    Hey there I'm new to the forum I have an 04 rcsb 4x4 roller had a 5.3. The only power plant available to me was from an 08 5.3 as well I have the original harnesses from both and ecu and fuse blocks how do I wire this to make it work help needed badly

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    welcome to the site.
    GenIII to GenIV is quite an involved ordeal; good luck.
    if you dig around, there are a number of write-ups that detail all the things (like reluctor differences, knock sensor wiring, etc).
    00 FRC - just top end, exhaust, and a hot-air intake
    99 Sierra - 5.3 / 5spd
    ↓ click the pic for the build ↓

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