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Thread: New to LS builds and tuning.

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    New to LS builds and tuning.

    As the title says I'm new to building and tuning LS engines.

    I have a 01 Silverado 1500 single cab short bed 4.8 4L60E 3.73 limited slip.
    Current mods
    Cold air intake
    Throttle body spacer
    Throttle body coolant bypass
    Dual electric fans
    EGR delete
    Cat Delete
    Diablo I2 tuner

    I'm looking for advice on tuning. My tuner allows me to change timing, shift points ect.... Most tuners I've messed with just had stock, economy, towing and performance settings. So I'm looking for advice on custom tuning.

    I already know some of you will be knocking on me for the throttle body spacer and the cold air intake. It's all good though.

    I'm also in the process of building a 6.0 and 4L80E out of my old 02 2500 HD. Witch I plan on running 4.10 locker with when I'm done. Witch I plan on dropping off in my lil single cab.

    All advice and or knowledge givin to me for tuning purposes will be greatly appreciated. I'm looking to use my current 4.8 setup as a learning experience for when I'm ready to drop my 6.0 drivetrain off in my truck.

    Thanks in advance for the advice and knowledge I hope to learn.

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    unfortunately, this forum ain't nowhere near as busy as it used to be...
    performancetrucks.net is still really active & full of dudes with GM tuning experience.

    good luck!
    00 FRC - just top end, exhaust, and a hot-air intake
    99 Sierra - 5.3 / 5spd
    ↓ click the pic for the build ↓

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