I've got a few questions about swapping the AWD transfer case in my 04 Yukon Denali to a push button 4wd setup and wanted to know if anyone's done it. I talked to transfer case express and they said to use a 263 case as it is dimensionally the same so I won't have to change drive shafts. I will also be doing they're case upgrade to prevent the oil pump wear issue. I know I need to swap the right side of the front axle so I have the diconnect as well as add the switches, transfer case control module and associated wiring. I have a parts truck I can pull everything I need. What I'd like to know is how much wiring goes somewhere else besides the switches, controller, axle and transfer case. I'm hoping it only connects to the fuse block and doesn't run into any other modules. I also need to know if I need to get the ECM or BCM reprogrammed and if the VSS is the same on both cases. Anything else I may be missing?