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Thread: s10 4.3 4x4 to gmc 4.8 4x4

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    s10 4.3 4x4 to gmc 4.8 4x4

    I have a 1999 S10 and a 1999 GMC both 4 wheel drive,

    one has the np236 and one has the np246

    both are 4L-60E transmissions,

    pulled the motor from the 4.8 as one piece, and I am going to put the transfer case off the s10 on the other transmission because it has the push button 4x4.

    I have the complete harness interior to exterior out of the 4.8,

    can I just use the pcm out of it to make the engine run any other electrical items to look for?

    any cheap headers that I can look for to replace the stock manifolds on the 4.8,

    is there any oil pan I can use that will clear the cross member?

    and what about engine mounts?

    I was going to use the 4.8 engine mounts inside the s10 frame, but the ones on the GMC are welded into the frame, and holds the motor down with two bolts.

    who sells kits, or where is the best place to buy conversion kits/mounts/adapters.

    thanks for any information

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    so after a lot of searching this is what I've came up with for my build.

    oil pan - Canton oil pan for 4x4 conversion. have to get the pickup tube to match, jegs and summit have the oil filter relocation kit, might use the stock one a drill and tap it for the fittings, seen someone did this in another build. I was going to get the mildon, but too much bullshit to get besides the pan.
    wiring- CP wire kit
    engine mounts - CP wire
    exhaust manifolds : either shorty headers, amazon headers or the sanderson CSLS1584x4 headers, seems some might be close to the steering shaft is my only problem

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    sound like a badass build cant wait to see some progress pics
    06 rcsb, 6two, 231/235, 4.11, pacesetter, 80e, 14 bolt, Nelson tuned
    2011 rcsb 6two swap in the works with 6l90 and boost

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