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Thread: 96 4l60e behind a 2001 5.3

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    96 4l60e behind a 2001 5.3

    Question is what do i need to do to do this, someone said a 4l80e spacer...anybody's input would be great

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    how big is the gap between the flex plate and torque converter.
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    Okay.. If it were my truck I would just find the correct 3 piece transmission to go behind the engine. Your 96 is *most likely* a 1 piece case unit. YES, it can be made to work behind your LS engine. However, you will be missing TWO of the bolts that hold the trans to the back of the engine. The LS uses a bolt at the 12 O'Clock position, and also the engine block is NOT drilled, or tapped, for a bolt at the 1 O'Clock position. So.. That 1 piece case will be missing a sizeable area where it will not be bolted to the engine.

    Also, if you end up getting the .400" spacer, and the longer bolts to go with it, to get the spacing right... You will STILL need to either get a flywheel that has multiple bolt hole patterns on it, or some people actually GRIND out the existing factory holes in the flywheel to make it work. I DO NOT recommend that you hack up a flywheel that is a balanced assembly from the factory. That is straight up HACK work. But, people do it. The reason is that the 96 trans uses a different torque converter bolt pattern than your LS engine utilizes.

    The long and short of it.. YES it can be made to work.. But, as cheap, and plentiful, as 60E's are.. Just pick up the correct one and it will then be a straight bolt in strategy. How pissed would you be if you spent the money, and time, to track down the parts to make that 96 unit work behind your motor only to find out that due to it's age-it needs to be rebuilt anyway? Unless you know for a fact that 96 unit has been rebuilt, I'd not waste any time with it at all. Sell it off, use the $$ to buy the correct year trans for your application.

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