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Thread: 99 Silverado 5.3l swap to 6.3l

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    99 Silverado 5.3l swap to 6.3l

    Im working on a swap for my late year 99 Silverado with a 5.3l to a crate 6.2l from Chevrolet. They say they can supply a ECM that will run the engine and the transmission but I'm out of luck using it to run my gages. How can I make my stock gages work? I've thought of using their ECM just for the engine and transmission and running the stock ECM for the gages but haven't a clue as to how to do that. Is there an easier way?

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    Yes thereís an easier way. Get the lingenfelter 58x to 24x
    Conversion box. That will allow you to run the new gen4 engine using the older gen3 harness on your 99 truck.
    You will need to remove the new sensors or add the older coolant and oil pressure sensor, possibly to make the gauges function.
    Ex: one etc sensor for the ecm and one for the gauge.

    Swap out injector connectors. Extend the map wiring and tune of course.

    Tap the side of the block for the older knock sensors. Extend the harness for them.

    Just a few things but IMO itís easier to run the ling box and modify the harness to get all the gauges working and have a stocking working truck/gauges/ac. Etc.

    The box is meant to allow all gen4 engine to work in gen3 trucks.

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    Thanks for the info!

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