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Thread: 2000 6.0l swap into 97 5.7l Chevy silverado

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    2000 6.0l swap into 97 5.7l Chevy silverado

    Ok so I just picked up a 97 Chevy Silverado that had a 5.7 in it still has the 4l60e and I have a 2000 gmc Sierra with 6.0 the body on the 2000 is rusty so I want to put that engine into the 97
    From what I read I need some kind of spacer on the flywheel and to modify the original motor mounts for the 97 then address the wiring is there a company that makes a plug n play harness and where can I find the flywheel adaptor

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    Try summit for the flywheel adapter. Here is the Summit part number SUM-704000. I havent put my on yet but there are a few different threads on here where you can find installing information. Best of Luck!

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    that spacer goes in between your crank and flexplate,

    as for the wiring end of it I sent you a PM

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