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Thread: Clutch needed?

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    Clutch needed?

    I'm doing my First LS swap into my 92 c1500 sport. It's a factory 5 speed truck. I have a L33 5.3 WITH A 4.8 flywheel. My question is what do I order a clutch for? A 4.8 Silverado or a factory clutch for my 5.7 nv3500?

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    Stock one from my 4.3 v6 works just fine. Stock throw out bearing works fine to
    1995 rcsb c1500, 4/6 drop, 5.3 L33, 5spd, 219/228 112LSA cam, LS6 springs, 799 heads, long tubes, magnaflow mufflers

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    I used the stock clutch on my NV4500, stock throwout bearing as well, I did have to enlarge the holes on the pressure plate so that the metric bolts that the flywheel requires would go through it

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