Anyone know of a thread i can read up on with 4l60e issues not wanting to stay in fourth gear. Can cruise 70 in fourth with lockup on but any acceleration at all it kicks it into third. Gets better with maf unplugged. Replaced maf no different. Currently not running a computer on my 60e manually controlling each gear and it still does it. Anything 50mph or over in fourth with lockup on and i accelerate it jumps out of fourth strait to third and holds that until i let off the gas then will go back into fourth and cruise. Also it wont go into fourth at all during normal driving until i let off the gas it will immediately go in without problem as soon as i let off. Again im not running any computer whatsoever and the issue still occures so i know its some innerds lol just not aure what. 2002 rcsb lm7 5.3 4l60e. Trans built with new converter 4k miles ago.