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Thread: Help plz

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    Help plz

    Hey techs i have a question right now i have a 2002 ext cab 5.3 fullbolton with a new body style intake ported and some 243 port and polished with hollow valves heads i have 36 pound fuel injectors flex fuel i have a 92mm ported throttle body a wallbro fuel pump i have a built 4l60 tranny with a 36 38 vigilante single disc torq converter i have a eaton posi with 456 gear ratio i have a 3inch excoust with a magnaflow 1in too out and right now i been having problems with cams and what i want to know is what cam would uall recommend for my setup i mostly rollrace and sometimes track id really appreciate ur o2s thanks in advance and godbless ps i am asking here because i know uall techs know ur stuff thanks

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    Help guys

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