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Thread: Lq9 computer question

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    Lq9 computer question

    I just bought a LQ9 6.0 Liter from a 2005 GMC Sierra Denali. I bought it from a junkyard and the motor didnt come with a computer. I am wondering what computer should I look for?

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    One with blue/green connector to match your harness
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    Do you have a model number for the ECM/PCM? I have a 0411 that I swapped onto the 5.7 Vortec I'm wondering If I can use that.

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    I do not believe the 0411 is interchangeable with with the connectors you are using. It might be easier to convert your LQ9 into a drive by cable set up and modify your 5.7 vortec harness to work with it, rather than trying to swap in the new harness.

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