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Thread: 97 k1500 5.7l to lq4 6.0 HELP!

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    97 k1500 5.7l to lq4 6.0 HELP!

    So recently my 5.7l vortec has been taking a dump on me, so I'm going to ride it out until it dies out.
    For a replacement motor, I wanted to have the power and torque that comes with a 6.0, So I have a couple questions on this motor and if there is any other motors that can be better and affordable.
    1. New Vs. Used Motor, and where would be the best place to get one
      Should upgrade the tran to 4l80
    1. Do I need a new set of mounting brackets for the motor?
      and where do I get them?
    1. What kind of power would I be getting from it if I cammed it.
      ~How would it affect the MPG (what can I be looking at)
      ~What kind of Tune should I get
      ~Kind of Cam for stock

    Overall what should I be looking at with this kind of conversion
    If you know of anyone whose done this and if its worth getting myself into this mess.

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    418hp on the engine dyno for my little 5.3 with a 219/228 hot cam. Moves my little truck quite well. I can still see up to 26mpg on the highway in my 95 reg cab short bed. Around 20 in town horsing around offen. I'm using dirty dingo slider motor mounts. And yes you need new motor mounts.
    1995 rcsb c1500, 4/6 drop, 5.3 L33, 5spd, 219/228 112LSA cam, LS6 springs, 799 heads, long tubes, magnaflow mufflers

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    Hello, Iíve got a v6 95 single cab and I would like to know more information on how you did the 5.3 Ls swap, what you need to buy, etc.

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