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Thread: 2wd to awd coversion

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    2wd to awd coversion

    I have a 02 Denali for donor awd 6.0 of course

    I want my 05 rcsb 4.3/5spd to be converted to awd 6.0 auto.

    Has anyone here done this.

    I already know it's better to just buy one but if I remember correctly a single cab never cam awd and that is what I'm wanting

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    the only advice i can give you is just tear your truck down and start mocking up the parts, im sure there will be some drilling and welding involved but it shouldnt be too hard, they do make 4wd reg cabs so its gotta fit
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    that's funny how you got one or the other and you want the other, lol.

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    there are going to be problems. make sure you pull the power plant out complete even the fuel lines your going to need them, they com off the frame in a different spot on a two wheel drive. also you my run into problems with the front splindals, shock and spring placement. the front end of an denali is torsion bar. your gonna need those and the cross ember under the trans. The lower control arms, sway bar, front lower crossover brackets for the dif. mounts off of a 4x4 of your year truck and wheel bearings that are splined. In short you need another 05 4x4 doner. That's going to be a project. the list goes on but it can be done.
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