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Thread: Huge improvement with LS9 cam

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    Huge improvement with LS9 cam

    I don't post here very often, but I wanted to post the results I saw when swapping an LS9 cam into my LY6.

    The LY6 is in a 1999 Dakota R/T, weighs about 4200 lbs, has 6l90 transmission and 3.92 rear gears.

    A couple of years ago, I was running the stock LY6 with vvt and tuning, and 2.5 inch dual exhaust through magnaflow mufflers. It ran 13.4 at 103 pretty consistently.

    Last year, I swapped in an LS9 cam. Reasons 1) It was given to me. 2) It has less torque until 2500 or so rpm (decrease wheel speed early on), and huge improvement of power above 2500. Perfect for my truck, which didn't need any more loss of traction.

    Results. With nothing else changed, this cam ran 12.76 at 109.9 on the same track, with similar conditions.

    I just wanted to post this up, because so many people tried to convince me to go with a bigger cam, claiming the loss of torque down low would be disappointing. Far from the truth, in my opinion. I have controllable wheel spin early, and a huge push of acceleration after I regain traction.

    I like it.

    Old timeslip.

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    Awesome results! I installed an ls9 cam in my 2500 Silverado 4x4. I did the cam and a pulley change on the Maggie at the same time... It felt like I put another supercharger on again! I was very impressed with the power and drivability of it. Kinda stealthy to. Not a big loapy sound so it's hard to detect. The cool thing is with your truck is every stage of the race showed improvement! 60,330 and 1320 are all better!!

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    Seems like a ghost town on this site. Where is everyone? I want to put a Vortec max out of 2002-2006 escalade into my RWD 1998 GMC Suburban. Will this be easy? Does anyone know what snags I may face? I like the box style of the the old burbans. Someone please make my dream become a reality.

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    I'm on a lot of forums and they are all like this, relatively speaking. Everyone is posting on facebook and having keyboard fights lol!

    There are many posts on this conversion and it's be done many times, so you'll find a lot of info here.

    Good results on the cam btw!

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