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Thread: Wheels for 86 Silverado

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    Wheels for 86 Silverado

    Right now my truck's paint job is pretty straight but it looks like something from the early 80s (it's an 86). Don't care for the color, but there is no point painting it now. I want some wheels that look good with it.

    I want forged instead of cast because they are stronger. I know Pro Comp well and Fuel not so well, but they have some nice stuff. Here's what I'm considering:



    BTW: how do you post upload pictures on this forum? I wanted to include a picture of my truck, but it wants a URl. All I have are jpgs on my hard drive.

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    Any update? What wheels did you get? I like the look of Fuel wheels but they are a bit common nowadays. I went with Centerline alloy wheels. They are manufactured using rotary forging process.

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