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Thread: Dodge Durango LS swap. I am looking for information about drivetrain options.

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    Dodge Durango LS swap. I am looking for information about drivetrain options.


    I have a 2000 Dodge Durango that I want to put an ls engine in. I want to use a Gen IV, 6.0 engine, but I am not finding enough good information for the transmission and transfer case.

    Assuming I use a complete drivetrain, what would be the most common transmission and transfer case attached to a Gen IV 6.0 engine in a Silverado/Sierra?

    Also, would trailblazers, H2 or H3, or other mid-size SUV that would have the same, or a different transmission and transfer case?

    Any info would be appreciated.

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    The most common transmission you'll find behind a 4th gen 6.0 truck will be a 6l90, RPO code MYD which you can find in the glove box if you get a chance to look. There are a lot of different transfer cases used in these trucks also. Here's a good list: http://www.provenforce.com/transfer_...rado_2500.html.

    That being said you aren't limited to the trans or t cases that came behind the 4th gen engines.
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    Check out his thread, he might have some info you need.
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