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Thread: Any Benefit to Changing the Tune on our 2004 GMC Yukon?

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    Any Benefit to Changing the Tune on our 2004 GMC Yukon?

    Is there any reason to mess with the tune on our 2004 Yukon if the 5.3 engine has no modifications and never will? It runs fine, but could it run better? Maybe a little more power, or better mileage. If the tune gets changed, is that something the smog tester guys here in Cali will be able to detect and fail the vehicle? Thanks

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    Properly tuned---You will get better gas mileage and make more power. Even when your foot is not to the floor your truck will pull itself better and respond better.

    98 GMC RCSB 2wd, 100% internally stock 305, w/twin T-3 junkyard turbos,Ramjet intake w/42lb inj,12200411 PCM. 4675lbs w/me in it. Best time in 5 passes 13.01@110

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    I had a buddy tune my 05 Yukon XL. He turned of the DOD for me and made some other small changes. We changed some things in both the normal tables and the "Tow/Haul? stuff too. It's like having a normal and a "performance" mode now..hehe!

    Stock tunes are usually pretty conservative, understandably. And not that you will feel a "new truck" once you tune but, by changing up the shift points and dialing in your mixtures etc.....at the right price it's worth it if you have a good tune for your specific rig, NO DOUBT!

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    I hope so. I just had my 03 Tahoe tuned (222,xxx miles) and it drives like a different truck. All I've done to it, and probably all I ever will is put on a cheapie $50 eBay cold air intake (I have a full K&N FIPK on another truck - don't waste your money) and I had the exhaust cut off at the muffler and had a Magnaflow dual out put on it. The tune is worth it. I went local, this time (Allen did the tune on my truck), and, talking to Mike at Vengeance Racing, one of the bigges things is letting the engine fuel itself. He said there is like a 3 second delay from when you step on the gas until when the fuel actually starts flowing. Makes pulling out onto a road with oncoming traffic much less worrysome. He increased the line pressure in my tranny by something like 40%, probably due to the mileage. I've had two vehicles tuned now, and I would definitely recommend it.

    2002 ECSB, Nelson Tune, LS1 electric fans, 145A alternator, K&N FIPK, 160 T-stat, TB coolant bypass, Corvette servo, 4 headlight mod, blue LED gauge cluster

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