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Thread: I've got some questions about a SAS in a obs

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    I've got some questions about a SAS in a obs

    I know I'm kinda all over the board with swapping stuff in my truck, mostly trying to gather info for this stuff for the future, anyhow I'm mostly wondering about what axle to use for the SAS, probably would be just leaf springs, not really into the coilovers, any opinions or ideas and such would be appreciated

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    im doing this swap on my 1990 right now...id try to locate a ford hp dana 44 or dana hp 60 77-79 both will be 8 lug but u can put chevy outer knuckle to go to 6 lug if you want to... those are really the best ones to go with the differential is on the driver side and the spring pad width will be the correct size.

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    Try to find a 78-79 Ford Dana 60 itís the easiest swap. Donít even bother with a dana 44. The 60 is going to be hard to find but itís worth it in the end especially if youíre doing leaf springs

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