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Thread: Bad fuel pump?

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    Bad fuel pump?

    So I was cleaning up some wiring today, making sure everything works, and I found my fuel pump is inop. (89 K1500)
    I have power going to the relay, so I jumped it. Nothing. Measured 12V with my DMM, test light lights up.
    So I went to the connector next to the tank. Same results.
    Dropped the tank and ran power through it using a battery charger (15A) still nothing. Removed fuel pump (dried it off) and run power through just the pump, still nothing. Before I go ahead and get a new pump, I was just making sure I've covered all my bases because I replaced this fuel pump a few years ago.
    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Sounds like you got it covered on the pump.
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    Yep, turns out that's what it was. Got a new pump, put it in the tank and ran a circuit through it. Worked fine.

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