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Thread: 51 chevrolet truck.

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    51 chevrolet truck.

    found a 51 chevrolet truck. Running and driving all orginal. Solid truck. My buddy's farther truck. Going Saturday to possibly pick up.
    I found a chassis donor vehicle 97 s10 2wd standard cab long bed. From what I read this is the kind of s10 easier frame swap. Wanted some thoughts or opinions.
    The s10 is 2k. I'm hoping that I can put body on s10 frame than fit 5.3 or 6.0 in place of the 4.3.

    Any thoughts or opinions or advice on the comming project.

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    Yeah I would read and read like crazy. Measure twice cut once. Here is some good info that I like to look over:

    1951 3100
    1984 C10

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    I would love to see that project.

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    Here is the site you need to check out. There are MANY S10 frame swaps here and lots of good info.

    98 GMC RCSB 2wd, 100% internally stock 305, w/twin T-3 junkyard turbos,Ramjet intake w/42lb inj,12200411 PCM. 4675lbs w/me in it. Best time in 5 passes 13.01@110

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    the 51's still had that split front window, right?

    Man, I don't know what I'd do if I found a solid '51 - but it would be ssssttttttttuuuupid by the time I got done with it. Just straight rat rod style, loud and dumped on it's nuts.

    If you don't buy it, you have no balls. Nooooooo baaaaaallllllllsssss.

    I like things with spark plugs...
    ... oh, and boobs - I like those too.

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