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Thread: 89 K1500 5.3 Swap

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    89 K1500 5.3 Swap

    Hey everyone, I've decided to make a thread about the 5.3 (LM7) swap I'm working on in my K1500. The truck was originally a 305 w/ 5 speed, but when I got the truck it had a worn out 350. The old 350 held up for a few months before making some very expensive noises, so I had my local machine shop rebuild a 350 with a mild cam. Ran decent, but the TBI was showing its age and getting unreliable. After that my K1500 was no longer a daily driver so I pulled the motor out to be used in my dirt car. Leaving a perfect opportunity to swap in an LS!

    As of now I have a refreshed LM7 in the truck. I'm slowly assembling it as time and funds will allow. I plan to use a dual pane carb intake, MSD 6010 ignition box, and a 600 cfm Holley I recently had rebuilt. I also plan on using the stock fuel pump and regulating down to carb friendly pressures. The goal is to get it reliable and put it back into daily driver service. I may be going to an ag pilot school sometime in the next year so I'd like to take this truck for that.
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    Not much of an update, just putting some stuff together. I was surprised the fan lines up with the fan shroud pretty decent. Are there any stock radiator hoses that will work with this engine/radiator combo? I can always measure out some vulco-flex hoses if I can't find anything.
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    Bit of an update, got the alternator so I could finally put a belt on. Also got some cleaning done, as some mice made a nest out of some old receipts and insurance cards. They must have enjoyed the little green pellets I left them, because they ate it all. The lower radiator hose from an LM7 silverado works on my truck with just a little bit of trimming, but the upper hose is for a radiator much wider than mine. I'm working on routing the steam vent to the top of the water pump.

    Unrelated to the truck I finally got to go flying again for the first time since September. I'll be a private pilot before I know it.
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    I have some parts coming in next week. Last night I went to the local dirt track to watch a sprint car race, and as I'm taking this season off to fund my flight instruction that was kinda tough. I'm leaving a picture of my Malibu/tank because race car. Also since the weather has been nice I've been able to get back to flying. Which is getting me closer to my final goal of becoming an ag pilot.
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    Been a while since I had an update, but it's not that things aren't getting done. I've mounted the ignition box in the location of the stock ecm. Put in a couple Auto Meter gauges to replace the parts store cheapies that I have been using but don't trust. As you can see I've mounted my intake, carb, and regulator. I've redone the fuel line and will need to figure out which filter will work best since I've gotten rid of the o-ring style fittings GM was famous for using around this time. Should be ready to fire up shortly.
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    Ended up with just a generic fuel filter with 3/8 hose nipples on the ends. Had to drop the tank again and replace the sending unit because the metal return line was leaking. Fixed a bad connection on the starter and got it fired up and driving. I have a leak where the oil pressure sensor is, that will need fixed before I do any driving with it, and of course I should hook up the rest of the exhaust, but this is a very exciting moment. Better quality video is on the way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9vsqcLa74M

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    Ok so the truck has been running for about a month now, but I've finally got around to making a short sound video. Muffler has been ordered, for now it's straight piped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y63hGgP4A3c

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    hey man I have a 92 with a tired 350 and a 5 speed. im getting ready to do a 5.3 swap also but I was curious if you could help me find all of the parts I need to do it. thanks in advance

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